1971 favorites II

When it comes to detailed knowledge of vintage films, we call on New Orleans resident Jessie Watkins who built and manages one of the largest up to date databases on American movies that exists. She lives and works in town for a group of New Orleans maritime attorneys as a paralegal and general manager, often tasked with updating their site. When not assisting injured seamen, she’s writing for websites or looking up information for other writers – the demand for legacy movie data never ceases.


Johnny Got His Gun, directed by Dalton Trumbo, starring Timothy Bottoms, Diane Varsi, Jason Robards, Donald Sutherland
Juste avant la nuit (aka Just Before Nightfall), directed by Claude Chabrol, starring Stéphane Audran – (France)
KKing Lear, directed by Peter Brook, starring Paul Scofield – (U.K.)
Le Mans, starring Steve McQueen
Liberation (Osvobozhdenie / Befreiung), directed by Yuri Ozerov – (U.S.S.R./East Germany/Poland/Yugoslavia/Italy)
Little Murders, directed by Alan Arkin, starring Elliott Gould, Marcia Rodd, Vincent Gardenia, Elizabeth Wilson, Donald Sutherland
Love (Szerelem) – (Hungary)
The Love Machine, directed by Jack Haley, Jr., starring Dyan Cannon
MMacbeth, directed by Roman Polanski, starring Jon Finch and Francesca Annis – (U.K./U.S.)
Made for Each Other, starring Joseph Bologna and Renée Taylor
Malpertuis, starring Orson Welles and Susan Hampshire – (Belgium/France)
Man in the Wilderness, starring Richard Harris
The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker, starring Richard Benjamin, Joanna Shimkus and Adam West
Mon oncle Antoine – considered by some critics the greatest Canadian film – (Canada)
Murmur of the Heart, directed by Louis Malle – (France/Italy/West Germany)
Murphy’s War, starring Peter O’Toole
NA New Leaf, directed by and starring Elaine May, co-starring Walter Matthau
Nicholas and Alexandra, directed by Franklin J. Schaffner, starring Michael Jayston, Janet Suzman, Laurence Olivier, Jack Hawkins – (U.K.)
Night of Dark Shadows, directed by Dan Curtis, starring David Selby and Grayson Hall
One Armed Boxer (Du bei chuan wang), starring Jimmy Wang Yu – (Hong Kong)
One More Train to Rob, starring George Peppard and Diana Muldaur
Out 1 (a.k.a. Out 1, noli me tangere), directed by Jacques Rivette, starring Jean-Pierre Léaud – (France)
Outback (a.k.a. Wake in Fright), directed by Ted Kotcheff – (Australia)
PThe Panic in Needle Park, starring Al Pacino
Play Misty for Me, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, with Jessica Walter and Donna Mills
Plaza Suite, directed by Arthur Hiller, starring Walter Matthau, Maureen Stapleton, Barbara Harris, Lee Grant
Porcupines Are Born Without Bristles (Taralezhite se razhdat bez bodli) – (Bulgaria)
The Salamander (La Salamandre), starring Bulle Ogier – (Switzerland)
See No Evil, starring Mia Farrow
The Seven Minutes, starring Marianne McAndrew
Shaft, directed by Gordon Parks, starring Richard Roundtree
She Killed in Ecstasy (Sie tötete in Ekstase) – (West Germany/Spain)
Shoot Out, directed by Henry Hathaway, starring Gregory Peck
Summer of ’42, directed by Robert Mulligan, starring Jennifer O’Neill and Gary Grimes
Sunday, Bloody Sunday, directed by John Schlesinger, starring Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson – (U.K.)
Support Your Local Gunfighter, starring James Garner and Suzanne Pleshette
Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, directed by Melvin Van Peebles
Sympathy for the Underdog (Bakuto gaijin butai) – (Japan)
TTHX 1138, the directorial debut of George Lucas, starring Robert Duvall
T.R. Baskin, starring Candice Bergen
Up Pompeii, starring Frankie Howerd and Michael Hordern – (U.K.)
VValdez Is Coming, starring Burt Lancaster, Susan Clark, Jon Cypher, Richard Jordan
Vanishing Point, starring Barry Newman and Cleavon Little
Villain, starring Richard Burton and Ian McShane – (U.K.)
Von Richthofen and Brown (a.k.a. The Red Baron), directed by Roger Corman, starring John Phillip Law
WW.R.: Mysteries of the Organism (W.R. – Misterije organizma) – (Yugoslavia/West Germany)
Wake in Fright, directed by Ted Kotcheff, starring Donald Pleasence – (Australia)
Walkabout, directed by Nicolas Roeg, starring Jenny Agutter, Luc Roeg and David Gulpilil – (Australia/U.K.)
Le Wazzou polygame (The Polygamist’s Morale) – (Niger/France)

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