Define ‘Distinctive’
Last week the UK began it’s journey into a digital-only televisual age, as the analogue signal for BBC2 was turned off in Whitehaven.

In just four weeks time this small Cumbrian town (the ‘guinea pig’ for a nationwide transition to digital-only transmissions by 2012) will be the first place in the UK receiving the full gamut of digital television channels in place of the five current analogue ones.

Goodbye California

Coffee shops. Sunshine. The small kick I get from seeing license number plates with the word ‘California’ emblazoned across them. Badly designed currency. The way female news anchors have large lipstick smiles but deep manly voices. Strangers gleefully saying hello to you on the street. Having to risk your life every time you merge onto a US highway. My name somehow ‘Pool’ yet spelt with an ‘i’, and being mistaken as Australian.

Fascination with weight

I’m sure this is not a California thing, but it certainly seems like it is. Never seen so many places advertising the best hormone diets or the quickest weight loss – in my life. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you are the beholder, you might always seem to be heftier than you want. The diet clinics will always have willing customers, er rather, patients. Viva self esteem!

My British Radar
Well, it seems like only yesterday saw the passing of August and effectively the end of summer and now October is banging on our doors, and about to barge it’s way in. What the hell happened to September? Sure, as you get older, the passage of time quickens, but I’m always surprised by how quickly a year passes. When it comes to surprises, nothing beats the passing of time! Holy cow, am I that old already?

Whilst this passage is slightly disconcerting, one benefit is that it means the weekends come around quicker – and that probably says a lot about how ‘exciting’ life is here at the moment. So in an attempt to fill the void, I find myself writing another self-indulgent blog post.
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8 Random Things

Looks like my blog is getting a little undernourished these last few months, but thanks to Diego tagging me in a meme that’s going round, I have an excuse to at least post something for the month of September.

Thoughts on the new BBC Radio logos
Like fellow Multipacker Andy Higgs, I’ve been noticing the rumblings of change happening at BBC Radio. This last month has seen the gradual introduction of a new set of station identities, designed by Fallon, that should be fully rolled out by the end of this week.

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