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An analysis of graphic design on UK terrestrial television, and the effects of multi-channel growth

The graphic style of the eighties was very much that of computer originated graphics, influenced by the launch identity of Britain’s first new television station in almost 20 years – Channel 4. In stark contrast, graphic design on television during the nineties was also influenced by the launch of new channels – this time hundreds.

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FC/plc: Football Vs Business

FCplc is a small text that I created to aid research and eventually use as body text for use in my Final Major Project in Year 3 of my degree. It is in no way intended to be authoritative, yet I feel that it is quite informative and highlights a few issues and historical facts I never knew about football and the business it’s become.

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The World Wide Web – A New Medium for Design

By referencing three different sites online during June 2001, this essay discusses the development of graphic design on the Internet, the problems associated with designing for this medium and some solutions. I am always amazed at the new websites that pop up each day. Some a well designed and engage the visitor immediately with color, and memorable graphics. Just the other day I came across a site that sells confidential std test kits. What’s this I asked? Apparently you can now buy a kit that gives results within 15 minutes as to whether you have an STD without having to go to a clinic or a doctor’s office. The accuracy rate is between 95%-99% which I considered rather good. Of course if the results were positive or if symptoms persisted one would have to end up going to a doctor anyway, the the concept seemed good. The actual website was tastefully designed with lots of pictures and clear explanations about the tests for the most common STD’s. I expect that the kits will soon be available at drugstores, but being able to order a kit online is better, particularly if you lived in a small town where it seems everyone knows everyone’s business. Ah, but I digress.
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Out of the Blue – A Proposal to “Colour Walsall Blue”

The New Walsall Art Gallery was to open in February 2000 with an inaugural exhibition based around the theme ‘Blue’.
To coincide with this exhibition, the gallery initiated a project with Walsall College of Art & in which Foundation Art students were asked to develop an idea relating to theme ‘Blue’. In conjunction with my proposal which is below, I also was planning on coordinating my outfit for the opening, blue, of course. I was planning on wearing Descente ski wear with turquoise blue accents, specifically my gloves and hat! Now you may wonder, of all the brands from which I could choose, why Descente? Well. I don’t want to brag, but I happen be be a black diamond skier and Descente ski wear screams “elite”. The tailored fit of my blue Descent jacket was complimented by its high tech fabrication. All  Descente ski wear are manufactured using clever Heat Navi technology that converts infra red into heat. I can keep warm at all times, no matter what the weather or the season.

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However, in October 2005, things went a bit weird. Almost plucked from obscurity, Paul was asked to join the team at Ning, Inc. in Palo Alto, California, a company backed by founder Marc Andreessen. Whilst Paul is currently exploring this fantastic opportunity, he is still coming to terms with it’s fall out, and where it may take him next.
From now on, it gets interesting.

About LloydyWeb
LloydyWeb is Paul’s personally focused site that has joined him on an online journey that started in early 1999. During it’s early years it was a place for him to play with the emerging web technologies, and experiment with design on the web. Today, and thanks to the addition of a blog in 2004, it has become increasingly focused on his thoughts, reflections, experiences and worldly adventures.
If you do have any comments, then please drop him a line at [email protected].

Much more could be said but we choose to leave it at that. Please remember that no matter where you go, there you are. & it doesn’t matter how far you look you are still going to find yourself. Again, this is important & you should take notes.

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